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  • $1.15/each Designed By : Sweet Letters

    Handmade Wax Seals

    Handmade Wax Seals (Self-Adhesive backing) Wax seals are perfect decorations on wedding invitations or party invitations. To avoid sealing each invitation individually, these handmade self-adhesive wax seal stickers will help you save tons of time but still achieve the unique hand stamping results! Each wax seal is individually made. As these seals are hand made each one will be slightly different in shape making each one unique. We offer 5 beautiful colours as well as a variety of designs and personalised initial design option. Each seal has an easy peel self adhesive backing making the easy to apply to your stationery. Simply peel off the backing and apply to your envelopes for that perfect embellishment to your stationery.
    $1.15/each Designed By : Sweet Letters